Our Team

David Atkinson

David Atkinson

David is a fully qualified NZ optometrist with glaucoma management accreditation who has gained his experience in rural NZ. He grew up in Ashburton and understands the core of this town, and strives to bring excellent health care to the locals.
Beatrice Tan

Beatrice Tan

Eye Health Advisor
Beatrice is our practice eye health advisor. She is a qualified New Zealand pharmacist by trade and is here as part of our comprehensive service. Her knowledge on the human body and medicines allows her to give advice relating to eye health.

Who are we?

At Focus Optometry, proper eye care is given to you by qualified health professional from the start till the finish. We are an optometrist and pharmacist duo team who aim to bring professional and complete health care to Ashburton.

We understand that everyone is different and would like each person to be well taken care off and to be listened to. We want to create an optometry that belongs to the town. Somewhere where people feel comfortable talking about their eye conditions and trust their health provider to take care of their family.

We open on Sunday and after hours to cater to busy working clientele and family. We are reasonable in price and offer a wide selection of styles to accommodate everyone. And if we don’t have what you want, we will find it for you.

Our opening times are Sunday to Wednesday. We take booking thru phone, online website, Facebook messaging and walk-ins.