Let us speak for your children's eye

Often young children with vision problems are dismissed at home, at school and socially.

Signs and symptoms of social withdrawal from sports or activities, deterioration at school, avoidance of reading or work, lack of confidence, inappropriate posture while looking at the screen, complaints of headaches, dizziness or nausea, irritation of eyes are some of the common complains from children with possible vision problems.

Young children may not voice it like an adult but it is up to us parents to take care of them. A proper eye test by our children caring optometrist may help you address underlying visual issues or eliminate doubts of vision impairment that could contribute to issues above.

Focus Optometry has the tools and skills to care for your children. Every eye test in Focus Optometry is performed to the best with precision. We take our time to listen to your children and to address their issues. We want what is best for your children. Come in and discuss available options.

Note that Children under 16 years of age with Community Services Card is eligible for funding.